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Privacy and Policy

Please read the terms and disclaimers of the IPCats cloud computing service carefully before purchasing the product and service, and confirm that placing an order to purchase constitutes acceptance of these terms.
Any disputes arising between users using the services or products of the IPCats computing host and IPCats computing shall be resolved in accordance with this “Service Terms”.
IPCats reserves the right to change this clause and its additional terms at any time without notifying customers, and any changes to these terms will be effective for all customers. If the customer does not agree with the changed terms, they have the right to cancel the service.
Prohibited ways of use
In order to ensure the stability and professionalism of IPCats services, we have set some usage restrictions, which may seem very strict, but this ensures that we provide you with a safe, effective, and trustworthy service environment.
If the following terms are violated, we have the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service and refuse to provide any form of refund without further notice, and will actively cooperate with local law enforcement authorities for investigation.
We do not allow the following content to be published on the server of IPCats
Illegal content (including content that infringes copyright)
Pornography, lottery, gambling, drugs, trojans, hackers, viruses, scams, private servers, plugins, adult products, movie websites, gay websites, massage saunas, weapons, game coins, invoices, online earning, phishing websites, QQ accounts, beautiful pictures and other related content
Run IRC, IRC bots
Prohibit running agent programs on shared hosting (also known as website space)
Using hosts for external and internal outsourcing (whether active or not), ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scanning weak passwords, malicious exploitation and interference with other server operations.
Use the host to send spam (SPAM), spam messages (messages, posts), and spread Trojans, viruses (including referencing malicious files from other servers).
Download or disseminate copyright content using Torrents, BT, etc.
Nested virtualization (JAVA is not subject to this limitation).
Using net_ Speed/finalsspeed/kcptun and other software that interferes with the operation of other servers.
Running software that consumes a lot of CPU, bandwidth, and hard disk resources, such as traffic mining, various virtual currencies, video hanging, cluster computing, and traffic swapping (not limited to independent server exclusive broadband products).
Email restrictions:
IPCats does not allow users to use the server to send spam. Once such behavior is discovered, your account will be suspended, frozen, or deleted without a refund. IPCats does not allow you to use shared hosting services to provide free or paid email services to the public. The distributor’s account is also subject to this clause, and the distributor is obligated to cooperate with IPCats in investigating spam sending behavior.
Illegal behavior:
Users who are found to have engaged in illegal activities in the system, including but not limited to disrupting system operation, attempting to change system configuration or compromise system security, running programs, processes that affect website servers, credit card fraud, etc., will result in account suspension, freezing, or deletion without refunds.
Rules for the rational use of resources:
It is not allowed to occupy a large amount of broadband for a long time and use software that affects network performance (including but not limited to PT downloads, BT downloads, outsourcing, etc., except for exclusive broadband products).
It is not allowed to occupy a large amount of hard disk I/O for a long time due to harsh conditions, and use software that affects server stability (including but not limited to PT downloads, BT downloads, etc., except for independent server products).
It is not allowed to occupy a large amount of CPU for a long time and use software that affects server performance (including but not limited to cluster computing, mining virtual currency, etc., but there is no such restriction for independent server products).
Denial of Service:
IPCats has the right to refuse to provide services to a user, regardless of whether the user has newly purchased or is currently using the service. IPCats reserves this right to ensure that we can provide a secure, effective, and trustworthy service environment for the vast majority of users.
Account verification and order review before opening
When all customers submit orders, we may share customer data (account data, customer IP, and customer payment gateway data, etc.) with our anti fraud service provider to better maintain our service quality. Submitting orders represents the customer’s agreement to share the above data. The specific customer data content shared may be modified according to the situation without prior notice.
Due to compliance requirements for certain regional nodes, we may review customer account data before opening the product. Depending on the situation, we may require customers to verify their registered email, correct user information, and complete real name authentication before opening the product. For customers who refuse to cooperate with relevant verification, data correction, and real name verification, we reserve the right to refuse to open relevant products without refunding.
Refund Protection and Refusal Disputes
Once the product is sold, no form of refund/replacement is provided
If the product is removed from the shelves before the service expiration or if there is a server failure that exceeds 24 hours, a refund can be applied for based on the remaining service time.
Any channel refund only supports refunds to account balance. Those who initiate disputes or other actions without communication at the payment gateway will not be able to receive any refunds, and we reserve the right to terminate all products under this account and restrict the access rights of the account itself.
We do not provide a refund guarantee for any of the following situations:
If personal attacks are carried out on customer service personnel during the communication process
Suspended or terminated in violation of the Terms of Service (ToS)
Malicious trial products exist
More than 12 hours have passed since payment was completed
IP addresses are banned due to attacks, external outsourcing, and other behaviors
Repeated purchases and multiple refunds (three or more times)
Disclaimer clause
We will not compensate customers for any losses caused by the following circumstances